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Argentinian cowhides from cattle native to and reared in the wide expanses of the pampas south-west of Buenos Aires. Tanning – inspection and selection of materials in Argentina ensure that a top quality standard is maintained.
Swirls and patches of colour, scars and brand marks stand for the free and adventurous life of these animals.

These features provide a basis for the philosophy and history of our bags.
Over the years, changes in the hides and loss of material on handles and in other places particularly exposed to wear and tear produce a unique image of the bag, intentionally evoking a life with a wealth of experience and an article steeped in history.


Cowhide leathers in a class of their own – individually-selected,
grease-tanned and waxed, free of any surface sealants, are the prerequisite for the typical vintage look of these bags.


They come from south-east Asia and China – these impressive buffaloes. Native to riverside and marsh areas.

Their robust and particularly durable leather
features coarse, open pores and a wide range of different grain patterns.

Ornamental studs.

Selected ornamental studs adorn the bottom of each item.

They are what make each item a unique article!

Horsehide nappa.

A fantastic leather of European provenance and Italian workmanship. Supple and simultaneously robust, chrome-tanned and aniline-pigmented leather.

Rendered particularly water- and dirt-repellent due to its high grease content.