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Friends: how important they are – we all know, and so we would like to thank all the people whose paths have crossed ours in this very personal and special way: momentary snapshots, impressions, heartbeats around Borgward bagforgood. Love, peace & rock’n roll forever!

Have you captured such a personal moment with us too? Then we would like to share it with you here, we look forward to hearing from you!

 friends welcome

Rock’n roll.

Thankyou guys! For this wonderful Pyrate Style limited edition, which we had the honour of making with you.

 Blog post

Twin set.

Amazing all the things that find room in a weekender, when we meet on Sylt in the Sanzibar…

Thank you, Stephanie for this nice idea of another luxurious place to go to. Dogs in love!

True companions.

If you don’t want to talk only about bags, but about our favourite topic No. 2: shoes, then Bernd Hummel’s store in Pirmasens is just the place for you to be.

There, however, shoes are actually the No. 1 topic. Well, no problem – we can live with that!

Girls’ day.

Alice in Bagland: thanks, Mirja Neven du Mont, for your enthusiasm for our products and for this special moment! Hope to see you soon …

Meet & greet.

Getting you all so close together, just for once – this was one of those brief connecting moments that we really enjoyed at the DIFFERENT FASHION Big Shot Party No. 6 at Kampen on Sylt.

Vanessa Blumhagen, Papis Loveday and Mirja Neven du Mont. The show must go on!