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love potion no. 01.

Freely and independently and with stylistic confidence, she moves within a wide range of fashion styles. Here, in a nude-coloured leather variant in combination with an eye-catching hippie look.

Soulmates with the stage to themselves!


daily bag leather nude3.298 €
clutchpurse leather nude1.298 €
tuch yippie hippie159 €
necklace buddha pearls329 €

love potion no. 02.

A dream. This vegetable tanned and embossed cowhide leather from an ancient German tannery. Perfectly staged with a riveted logo and red horsehair nappa.
A bagforgood the perfection and silkiness of which must be won over: with lots of love!


daily bag leather crocoprint black3.798 €

love potion no. 03.

Black vintage leather meets bronze: royal company, day and night.

The lion never sleeps!


clutchpurse leather black vintage
with lion annette albrecht bronze
2.198 €

love potion no. 04.

When this beltforgood enters the scene, it immediately bestows this aura of freedom and adventure upon its companion. Finest horsehair nappa meets hide.

Feel embraced!


beltforgood fell brown/white998 €